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In this phase, we focus on:
Training from CLT - Our Partner CLT conducts a training session on how to teach languages, focusing on methods and tools that our volunteers can use. 
Getting to know Peru - We conduct a session with our volunteers to introduce them to the regions of Peru where we work, the culture and the education system. 
Team building - We have our first team building for the volunteers to get to know each other. We always work in teams, so the volunteers need to know each other. Intake Test for the Teachers - We conduct an intake test for the teachers in Peru who want to join our program, so we can place them in the right levels. 

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In this phase, we focus on:
Creating the teams - We create the teams of volunteers to have a good balance of linguistics, pedagogy and travel experience. 
Online Session - Our volunteers conduct the first half of the online lessons, getting to know the teachers, and their current levels, and working together to improve their English levels through lessons, homework, etc. 
Travel Preparations - The part of this phase is to make the travel preparations, plan the observation sessions, intensive classes and other administrative tasks.  


Our volunteers will then visit Peru for 6 weeks, where they will observe, teach and provide feedback and support to the English teachers.
In the first two weeks, they will sit in on classes to observe our Peruvian teachers, learning more about their teaching context and challenges and providing feedback where they can.
This is followed by our Peruvian teachers having two weeks of holiday, to which they will invest their time in learning more English and improving their teaching methods with the guidance of the volunteers.
During the last weeks, the volunteers will go back to the teachers' schools for some more observation and feedback.



After returning from Peru, we focus on:
More Online sessions - After working with the teachers in Peru, the volunteers have an even better idea of what they need to work on. After returning from Peru, we conduct 3 more online sessions where the volunteers work on improving their English level even further and work on creating more new teaching methods and lesson plans.  
Evaluations -  The Peruvian Teachers take a final evaluation for us to see how much they have improved and what we need to work on next year.  


How has it impacted them?



I live in Chirinos and I work at ‘Jose Maria Arguedas’ high school. I teach to kids with ages between 12 and 16 years old. This is my 8th year teaching. I am really happy and excited with this project because I want to improve my communicative skills for help my students to improve too.



I teach at Tito Cusi Yupanqui high school – San Ignacio, my students are between 15 and 16 years old, so I’m working here about 8 years; I’m proud to be part of this great project, finally, I want to improve my strategies, skills and English level.

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