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We connect students from Belgium with a small group of 3 English teachers in Peru. By doing so, they can set up an education plan specifically tailored to their group of teachers. Teaching English to the Peruvian teachers is one thing, creating an environment in which these teachers and their respective students want to learn English is another. What is fundamental is being able to tackle the problem end-to-end. What matters is that each student is self-driven and dedicated in emphasizing the importance of English, atop of supporting our Peruvian teachers in their expertise. We believe that English can grant these developing communities access to a whole other world, one fuller of opportunities and prospects

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Once the groups are formed, the project is set in motion. Remote Skype classes will be conducted twice per month by the project students, with a view of improving the English knowledge of the Peruvian teachers. The main goal is to help them advance, step by step, through cooperation. By giving extra tasks that they will need to complete by the next session, we make sure it’s a continuous plan with optimal results. The course of the project will enhance the teaching skills of our students, while allowing them to familiarise themselves in a teaching environment. These elements are crucial to the last step of the project.

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The project students will then visit Peru for 6 weeks when they will observe, teach and evaluate what they have accomplished during the year. In the first two weeks, they will sit in on classes to observe our Peruvian teachers, providing feedback where they can. This is followed by our Peruvian teachers having two weeks of holiday to which they will invest their time in learning more English and improving their teaching methods with the guidance of the project students. During the last weeks, the project students will observe and evaluate the teachers again before leaving Peru.