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Learn about several initiatives to support our amazing volunteers who go out and teach English in Northern Peru.

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Running from story to story

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Over the course of 3 days Joeri, an alumnus and board member of Teach the Teachers, will run 150 km to raise funds for the organisation. He will visit several volunteers and alumni all over the country. Each volunteer has a personal story and we'd like to share it before they take off on their incredible journey. Follow the run on Facebook and Instagram and sponsor our volunteers with a donation. Each donation makes the journey easier and the future impact bigger.

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Get the Peruvian feeling in your home

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Our volunteers will embark on a big adventure when they travel to Peru. If you want to get a closer look at their adventure, you can get a sneak peak into their life as a volunteer. You can order a general post card with a beautiful picture taken by our volunteers or you can receive a personalised card from a volunteer you know personally.

If you want a post card, you can make a donation for at least 7,50 euro to

Teach the Teachers vzw BE58 7370 4983 2579

Make sure you add a message "Postcard"to the payment

Send a separate e-mail ( or message on our social media platforms with the name of the volunteer and the address you want the card sent to.

Order your postcard before 1 august 2022.

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Home is the last destination

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After an intense period of six weeks in Peru our volunteers will come back home with many stories. They will have gained many new experiences and insights in education and Latin American culture. Therefore we organise a home coming event on 10 september 2022. Our Belgium-based volunteers will organise the event. There will be Peruvian food in order to bring some of the Peruvian culture to Belgium. By paying for the food you will sponsor our volunteers. Very soon you will be able to subscribe for the event.

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