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Teach the Teachers

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Teach the Teachers is a non-profit initiative founded by three young engineers who aspire to impact rural communities and especially their youth, by teaching and promoting the English language.

We aim to reach this goal by educating the local teachers and stressing the importance of English to the students. Knowledge of English increases their job opportunities allows for self-development and eventually increases their general welfare.

Driven by the demand of the communities we aim to support, our partner teachers display great motivation and dedication to our project. It is their enthusiasm that propels our organisation forward!

Interested to know more? Just contact us or join us at our info event on 21st of October, 20h (location TBD + online)!

info@teachtheteachers.be or fiene.lambrigts@teachtheteachers.be

Covid-19 statement

Due to the Coronavirus, our 2020 and 2021 teams were unfortunately not able to go to Peru. They did however keep the spirits up and tried to continue the online classes to have the best possible impact on last year’s project. We keep our hopes up that the situation will stabilize over the next couple of months, and we work on different scenarios to make the 2022 project possible. Unfortunately, we can’t predict the future. While the Peruvian schools are closed for the rest of the school year, they plan to reopen at the start of their next school year, beginning in March. This would allow us to continue our operations as usual. Our operations however, will always follow the recommendations and rules of the Belgian and Peruvian governments and the travel advice of foreign affairs as the safety of our volunteers is our priority.

For more information on the current status, you can consult https://diplomatie.belgium.be/nl/Diensten/Op_reis_in_het_buitenland/reisadviezen/peru
and http://www.gob.pe/coronavirus (Spanish only)

You can always contact us in case of further questions!