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Our Story

Teach the Teachers is a non-profit initiative founded to make an impact on the rural communities and especially their youth, by teaching and promoting English. We aim to reach this goal by helping the local teachers improve their English, help them come up with new teaching methods and stressing the importance of English to the students. Knowledge of English increases their job opportunities, allows for self-development, and eventually increases their general welfare.


Who do we work with?

We work with over 50 English teachers from over a dozen schools in Jaén and San Ignacio provinces in the northern rural parts of Peru who teach students between the ages of 10-18. Many of these teachers have been working with us for 2, 3 or even 4 years. 

Why do we work with Teachers

Teach the Teachers is committed to making a sustainable and long-lasting impact. If we work with the students directly, we can only help 40-50 students every year. If we help just 1 teacher, they can in turn help anywhere between 1000 - 2000 students over their teaching career. 

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Hear from our Teachers

Hear straight from our teachers about their experiences working with Teach The Teachers. 

How do we help our Teachers

  • Every September to November, we look for volunteers who want to make an impact. 

  • From December to February, our partners in Peru select the teachers who will be a part of our program. 

  • In February, we kick off the project and our volunteers get lessons from CLT Leuven on didactic methods. 

  • From March to May, we carry out 6 online lessons with the Peruvian Teachers. 

  • From July to August, we travel to Peru and work with the teachers on-site.

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