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About Us


Who do we work with?

We work with over 50 English teachers from over a dozen schools in Jaén and San Ignacio provinces in the northern rural parts of Peru who teach students between the ages of 10-18. Many teachers have worked with us for 2, 3 or 4 years. 

Why do we work with Teachers

Teach the Teachers is committed to making a sustainable and long-lasting impact. If we work with the students directly, we can only help 40–50 students every year. If we help just 1 teacher, they can in turn help anywhere between 1000 - 2000 students over their teaching career. 

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Hear from our Teachers


How has it impacted them?


How did it all start?



I graduated in 2018 as a Biomedical Engineer. This year, I am also the President of Humasol VZW, an engineering NGO that sends students abroad to execute developmental projects.

Since joining Humasol in 2015, I’ve been hooked on development aid! In 2016, I built a water turbine in Peru with the aid of my fellow students. That was when I first met Victor Ronald and his motivated team of teachers. In the class of Victor’s wife, who is also a teacher, I gave my first English class to a group of enthusiastic children. Recently, I returned to Peru and visited Victor’s school. The excitement of the children, the motivation of the teachers, Victor’s entrepreneurial spirit and Ana’s organizational talent – everything convinced me to start this project. I’m sure that by combining the Peruvian and the Belgian forces, our project will be a great success!


How were their experiences?


Lara (Team 2021 - 2022)

"What I liked most about this experience was being entirely immersed in a new culture and working with very enthusiastic people. They showed a lot of gratitude and taught me a lot of valuable things. It was a very enriching cultural exchange. "


"I will never forget the achievement day in San Ignacio and the songs they/we sang: it was really great being together with all these students and teachers."

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