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Current Team

Fiene Lambrigts – Director, PR

Working for Teach the Teachers combines my various interest fields: sustainable development, education, interculturality and travel. After highschool I traveled with the international group of Up with People where I gained insights on interculturality and volunteered in different countries. I pursued my interest in cultures by studying a bachelor in African languages and cultures and continued with a master in tourism. I studied for a semester in Tanzania and worked together with different high schools. There as well, the limited knowledge of English was holding them back. I worked for a short time in a Belgian hostel and later became education coordinator in Up with People. Returning early due to Covid-19, I had plenty of time to educate myself further on intercultural and educational topics and I got involved in Teach the Teachers. I will combine this voluntary engagement with my job as a tourism expert working with expats in Flemish-Brabant.

Contact: fiene.lambrigts@teachtheteachers.be

Abanish Roy – Vice Director

I am Roy, a Biomedical Engineering Masters student at KU Leuven. I currently work as a Business and Technology Analyst at Kaeio Healthcare and I am also the Team Leader for KU Leuven iGEM 2020-21 team.

I have been speaking English for about 22 years, and I have a passion for working in developing and under-developed nations. I worked as a Chemistry and Biology teacher for an NGO, Make a Difference, for 2 years in South India. This experience further propelled me into the work of education and I decided to join Teach The Teachers in 2019 as the program coordinator. My goal is to use my analytical skills and passion to set up a robust training program for our Peruvian teachers, to improve their English language and teaching skills, which they can pass off to their students. 

Contact: abanish.roy@teachtheteachers.be

Erika María Rodríguez Somlyay – Peruvian Relations

I am Erika, I come from the Peruvian Amazon where I was able to see first hand the dire needs of our education system. I am a sustainable development graduate and I am currently working at an NGO in Belgium that advocates for education policies in Europe to become more inclusive and sustainable. 
Joining Teach the Teachers allowed me to combine my desire to give back to my community and my interest to develop my skills in international cooperation in order to foster a more sustainable future for all Peruvians. I consider that quality education can be a key enabler to build more resilient and sustainable societies both in Peru and all around the world. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic further consolidated our responsibility to support teachers from the region of Cajamarca in their quest to improve their competences and allow their students to be able to construct fruitful futures for themselves, their families as well as their region and our country.
I am looking forward to strengthen our relationship with the local authorities and community of English teachers whose motivation to improve is a motor for us to continue growing and doing our best effort in all out activities

Contact: international-relations@teachtheteachers.be

Lina Sidoroff – Finance

Hey everyone! My name is Lina and I am a Belgian student. I have just started my master in Work and Organizational Psychology. As a person I am very enthusiastic and I am always ready to help others. That is why I have already made several commitments in voluntary work. I love to get involved in beautiful initiatives. I have also always had a great interest in how we can support developing countries in a sustainable way. I can perfectly combine these two passions in this commitment to teach the teachers. Through my previous experience in organizations I have been able to gather knowledge about how to manage finances in a volunteer context. My goal is to strengthen the team with this knowledge!

Contact: finance@teachtheteachers.be

Gauri Meghani – Curriculum specialist

Hello! I am Gauri and I am extremely delighted to get an opportunity to create a social impact with Teach the Teachers. I am a Curriculum specialist and bring in 14 years of experience in the field of education working with various curricula namely IB (International Baccalaureate), Indian, American and British. I enjoy working with teachers and students and I am very excited to work with teachers, the real time heroes, that shape the future of students from Peru. In my experience, I have always believed in embedding Sustainable Development Goals in the regular school curriculum. I believe that the current curriculum in schools needs students to learn what Sustainable development is and how this can be implemented in their real life. I am extremely fortunate to have got this opportunity to contribute my skills in enriching the teaching and learning practices in underdeveloped and developing nations through curriculum designing. I am looking forward to seeing how curriculum designing for teachers will enhance their English teaching practices and how implementation of the designed curriculum will impact student outcomes.

The Founders


I graduated in 2018 as a Software Engineer. While I’m currently working at Hewlett Packard Enterprises for Pointnext, I’m always on the lookout for new meaningful projects to take on so as to add value to my experience as well as that of others.

My love for volunteering started when I was a leader in the Scouts. In college, I joined the student union ‘Industria vzw’, during which I was the Head of Business Relations. My tasks included exploring business opportunities and organising relevant events for my peers.

Now, I’m driven to use my skills to aid teachers by providing the support they need in transferring their knowledge to their students.

Gus Vanherf
+32 476 03 65 73


I graduated in 2018 as a Biomedical Engineer. This year I am also the President of Humasol VZW, an engineering NGO that sends students abroad to execute developmental projects.

Since joining Humasol in 2015, I’ve been hooked on development aid! In 2016, I built a water turbine in Peru with the aid of my fellow students. That was when I first met Victor Ronald and his motivated team of teachers. In the class of Victor’s wife, who is also a teacher, I gave my first English class to a group of enthusiastic children. Recently I returned to Peru and visited Victor’s school. The excitement of the children, the motivation of the teachers, Victor’s entrepreneurial spirit and Ana’s organisational talent – everything convinced me to start this project.

I’m sure that by combining the Peruvian and the Belgian forces, our project will be a great success!

Jeroen Vancraen
+32 484 48 21 34


I graduated in 2019 as an Electrical Engineer. In 2016, I participated in a project for Humasol in Jaén, Peru, and have ever since been thinking about how we can support developing countries in the most efficient manner.

Helping people has always been my main drive, and, in my case, this often went hand in hand with teaching. As a young student, I assisted my fellow peers by tutoring them after school. As I moved on to university, more opportunities for volunteering presented themselves, which I seized eagerly. I joined Sagio, a non-profit organisation that matches tutors with tutees via an online platform. Later, I participated in a developmental project for Humasol, which made me realise the possible impact of such a project in aiding communities prosper.

I highly value good education, so I hope we can improve Peru’s. I’m looking forward to a productive collaboration with our very motivated teachers.

Robbert Hofman

The 2019 project volunteers

From left to right: Gus, Evelien, Ilke, Kato, Robbert, Beau, Michalina, Pieter, Jakob, Willem, Marie-Julie, Jeroen

Hear what some of them have to say!

Kato – Team 2019


An adventure with Teach the Teachers in Peru?
Alpaca my bags. 🦙
I had an amazing two months in Peru last summer. Learned a lot about the Peruvian culture, the people, the country, the educational system, myself and so much more.
I definitely know what I like more if I have to choose between this once-in-a-lifetime-experience or an all-in vacation in a hotel!

Sylke – Team 2020


I had a positive experience with ‘Teach the Teachers’. During the first skype session I was a bit nervous. Soon it was clear that the teachers were really nice and eager to learn. They were grateful for all the efforts we made trying to improve their English. Participating in this project gave me the feeling I was helping them and also indirect their students. Furthermore I also learned a lot about the Peruvian culture. And last but not least: I was part of an amazing team of people that worked together to make this project happen. Going to Peru and teaching in person would have been ‘the cherry on the pie’, but even without this experience it was worth the effort. The Peruvian teachers told us they had the feeling they improved their English, and this is what the project was all about.