Our partners

Teach the Teachers collaborates with various institutions and partners in Belgium and Peru. We have worked closely with the following partners:

CLT is an adult teaching centre in Leuven, specialized in language. They help us:

  • By training our project volunteers through workshops
  • By providing course material and language tests
  • Through general strategic advisory

La prosperidad is a coffee cooperative that has more than 750 associated farmers. They help us by joining us at events and explaining why exactly it is important for them to have employees that can communicate in English. On top of that, they are willing to pay one of our graduated teachers to instruct their employees.

VLIR-UOS is a government funded program that awards funds for cooperation between Belgian universities and universities in the South. Through the Global Minds program, they sponsor Teach the Teachers, for which we are very grateful!

The Global Minds Programme was initiated by the Belgian government to distribute funds for university development cooperation through the umbrella organization VLIR-UOS.

Teach the Teachers is committed to providing opportunities for internationally oriented students with an interest in sustainable social impact. Creating awareness and promoting our organisation can help increase our visibility in the non-profit network.

As an organisation that constantly strives to be of better service, we are always looking for new partners who can assist with our expertise in sustainable education. We appreciate any form of structural partnerships helpful to our cause. If you value what we do and are interested in collaborating with us, then fill in the contact form!