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The people behind the organization



Director | Volunteer Activities

Working for Teach the Teachers combines my various interest fields: sustainable development, education, interculturalism and travel. After high school, I travelled with the international group of Up with People, where I gained insights on interculturalism and volunteered in different countries. I pursued my interest in cultures by studying a bachelor in African languages and cultures and continued with a master in tourism. I studied for a semester in Tanzania and worked together with different high schools. There, as well, the limited knowledge of English was holding them back. I worked for a short time in a Belgian hostel and later became an education coordinator in Up with People. Returning early due to Covid-19, I had plenty of time to educate myself further on intercultural and educational topics, and I got involved in Teach the Teachers. I worked for a while in tourism but now I combine this voluntary engagement with getting my teachers degree and a part time job in teaching. 


The people who help us reach new heights



Spanish-speaking Volunteer

Hello! My name is Angels, and I am originally from Barcelona, although I now live in Leuven. I’m a primary education teacher, and I have been teaching foreign languages for the last few years. I really love sharing the amazing experience of learning a new language with my students, and I feel that by doing that we all enrich our lives. One of the things I love the most about my job is the possibility to exchange ideas with my colleagues, and that’s why I first got interested in Teach the Teachers. I will be a member of the Spanish-speaking volunteers’ team, and I am sure that by participating in the program I’ll learn a lot from all of you. Let’s start!


The people who make our project awesome


MANDY (Team 2021 and 2022)

Hello, I’m Mandy, and I’m a master student in psychology at the KUL. I was born and raised on the Belgian coast, in the Westhoek, and I came to live in Leuven for my studies. I speak French, Dutch and English. I love to play music, dance, do some yoga, cook sometimes, read books, go out with friends, drink wine, meet new people, travel, … All the good stuff. I also really want to mean something, do something back because I enjoy my life so much most of the time, you know the feeling? I hope to do so one day as a psychologist too but for now I try to mean something trough volunteering. With Teach the Teachers I feel like I can combine having a positive impact with learning new things about teaching, travelling and meeting new people. I can’t wait for this to start!

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